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Anual gold medal in extra virgin oil category in Croatia.

Winner of the gold medal in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the olive festival in Zagreb.

Vice champion at the international event "New olive oil days in Dalmatia".

About us

Extra virgin olive "UREM" is a valuable product of Urem family from Pirovac, who now lives in Biograd, produced in the olive groves in the Pirovac countryside.

Love for olives and taking care of them, as well as an escape from a hectic and stressful life, started a 15-year-old olive story.

The renewal of 100 family inherited olive trees, which are more than a hundred years old, and planting of a new plantation resulted not only in a production for family needs, but also in an offer of the healthiest foodstuff to the market, to demanding buyers who are able to recognise the features and characteristics of extra virgin olive oil.

Constant care for healthy and high-guality fruit, and early hand picking, as well as processing on the day of the harvest, ensured the high-guality "UREM" oil to be recognised by the demanding buyers and constantly rewarded with gold medals for a superb guality of extra virgin olive oil at home competitions.

Processing is done by the mechanical means only.